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Dockerize Your Python Applications (Flask example) Janne Kemppainen |

Nowadays Docker containers seem to be all around us. With the rise of Kubernetes they are now even more relevant in businesses that choose to run their processes in public or private clouds.

Another trending thing in the development world is Python which is …

Create Diagrams That Look Like Hand-drawn

Get started with Excalidraw

Janne Kemppainen |

Yesterday I heard about an open source project called Excalidraw which is an app that lets you draw diagrams that look like they were done by hand. Its development started on January 1st, and now 25 days later it has already had 44 contributors and 2.5k stars …

Environment Variables in Python Janne Kemppainen |

Environment variables are key-value pairs that are defined in your shell environment outside of the Python executable. You can access them in Python with the os.environ mapping object.

Environment variables are really useful for passing secret information or …

Save Money on HDD Purchases - WD My Book Shuck Janne Kemppainen |

Getting storage for your home server can get quite expensive when you want to store terabytes of data. Recently, I heard about a way to have significant savings in storage costs.

It might come as a surprise to you but external USB hard drives are actually …

My Blogging Workflow with Hugo Janne Kemppainen |

As the final part of this series I wanted to share my blogging workflow with Hugo. Now that you should have your blog online here are some tips on getting started with the writing process.

Three Dots in Python, What is the Ellipsis Object? Janne Kemppainen |

You might have stumbled on the Ellipsis object (…) in Python and wondered what it is used for. It was originally introduced to be used in the Numeric Python package for matrix slicing but nothing stops you from using it for other purposes too.